Founder - Renee Hayden

  • About the Founder ~ RENEE HAYDEN

    WELCOME TO MY CURLS was founded by Renee Hayden.  Always defined by her curls, Renee colored her hair for 20+ years.  At the age of 47, she decided to go grey.

    After researching what going grey would look like for a woman with her curls...and having difficulty finding what she needed, Renee launched her YouTube channel titled WELCOME TO MY CURLS to share her experience of going grey with the world.  Her hope was that other women with dark, curly hair could look to her for inspiration and guidance.  Along the way, Renee found a community of women of all ages who embraced her strength and confidence in the greying process.

    Being an entrepreneur at heart, Renee designed and launched a line of graphic tees dedicated to her belief that women should be able to go grey without scrutiny and shame.  Renee believes in strength, empowerment, and confidence....evident in the designs she created.

    All of the designs offered by WELCOME TO MY CURLS are custom designed personally by Renee and printed in her hometown by a local screen printer.  Much time, effort, and dedication has gone into the development of her WELCOME TO MY CURLS brand.  

    Wear your silver proudly.....enjoy!